mover's guide to wall art

June 23, 2021

Even though moving can be overwhelming, it’s also the perfect opportunity to reimagine your space and explore your own unique style. In this post we’ll show you some of today’s most popular interior design styles and suggest some art prints to help tie your room together. Let’s dive in!

1. Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style features contemporary touches paired with classic rustic charm. This style incorporates elements of industrial design such as stainless steel, reclaimed wood, and granite. The modern farmhouse room is full of creams, whites, and grays with a few small pops of color. If you’re going for a modern farmhouse look, we recommend checking out these prints:

2. Bohemian / Boho

The bohemian style is eclectic, easy-going, and carefree. The foundation of the Bohemian style is it's earthy color palette (think: moss greens, clay reds, beautiful oranges, and neutral creams) paired with a mix of different furnishings and funky decor. Wall art is the perfect way to pull all of the elements of a Bohemian style together. Here are some of the prints we recommend: 

3. Minimalist

The minimalist style emphasizes sleek, bright, and structured designs. It shares some of the same elements of the modern farmhouse look, but with more of an emphasis on the contemporary finishings. This clean and crisp style is created by geometric shapes and a few simple colors. Simplicity is key to achieving this style. We recommend these abstract prints to complement your minimalist space:

4. Coastal

Coastal design is all about light, bright, and airy. This dreamy style captures the beauty of life near the water. Whites, blues, and soft tones are essential to this design. Natural textures and colors are paired with bright pops of color to create a light and balanced style. Here are some pieces that would match the mood of your coastal room:

Having trouble which style or art prints are the best fit for you? Give us a shout and we'll send you some personalized recommendations!