Inge's Exuberance Print

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Museum quality print by artist Inge Sachiyo Flinte based in San Diego, California.

All of our fine art pieces are giclée prints created using high quality archival papers and inks, meaning they'll stand the test of time with vibrant and rich colors. Our prints come unframed.

All of our prints are custom made to your order and therefore non-returnable. Please see our FAQs for more information. 

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Artist Inge Flinte is an abstract painter from New Zealand and currently based in California. Her work lives in the realm of the abstract landscape, combining her surroundings with her own imagination. She takes inspiration from her everyday life: shadows on footpaths, overgrown flowers, scuff marks on walls. Although her studio practice is highly process driven, she likes to allow for an element of serendipity and happy accidents in her work. She believes art is a tool that helps our unconscious minds process our complicated lives. 


You can choose full bleed (print goes to the edge of the paper) or white border for your print. If you are looking for a faux mat look or are planning to hang your print on its own, the white border option is a great choice. Here is an overview of the minimum border sizes for the white border option:

8x10: minimum 2" borders (6x8 image size)

11x14: minimum 2" borders (9x12 image size)

16x20: minimum 4" borders (12x16 image size)

18x24: minimum 4" borders (14x20 image size)

24x30: minimum 4" borders (20x26 image size)

10x10: minimum 2" borders (8x8 image size)

12x12: minimum 2" borders (10x10 image size)

16x16: minimum 4" borders (12x12 image size)

20x20: minimum 4" borders (16x16 image size)

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